Martha Koeller

Martha Koeller

Business Manager

Martha is our business manager, and is the fuel that keeps our office running! She loves helping to bring all the parts and pieces of real estate transactions together for clients, so that the process goes smoothly, fairly and quickly. She especially enjoys the contractual parts of the transaction and is motivated by helping people achieve the American Dream: owning their own home. She believes in standing up for what is right, and in always being prepared.

Originally from Jackson, Martha was adopted and raised as an only child in a close-knit German community. Today, she is the mother of 10 children, and grandmother to 24! She treasures those relationships, as well her close bond with her brother Bob. She loves to travel, and lived part of her life in England. If she could be anywhere other than Southeast Missouri, right this minute, she’d be back in her little English cottage down the street from her favorite pub!

When she’s not working, Martha loves to crochet, quilt, and cuddle her grandchildren. She also loves spending time with her Shetland sheepdogs. She supports Safe Families of Southeast Missouri because of their mission to keep families together through fostering, financial assistance and other aid. This cause is near to her heart.

So, what’s on Martha’s bucket list? Geocaching. So far, she has geocached in 38 states and Washington DC. She hopes to find at least one geocache in each of the remaining 12 states!

Best described as: Flexible, Persistent, Honest
Pet Peeve: Lies. Enough said.
Personal Motto: Be kind.
Secret talent: Can make a gumbo that’ll bring the bears up outta the bayou!
What 10-year old Martha wanted to be when he grew up: Walter Cronkite